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    We comply with all safety regulations, legislations and collective agreements, and are focused on HSE, CSR and SDG

    Why choose Dansk Site Service?

    With Dansk Site Service, you only have one telephone number to call when something on the construction site needs to be arranged. That way, you do not fall behind in relation to your own tasks.

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    Among our services are

    • Carpenters

    • Bricklayers

    • Electricians

    • Plumbers

    • Blacksmiths

    • Painters

    • Locksmiths

    • Damage Control

    • Sewer Service

    • Gardeners

    • Caretakers

    • Cleaning Staff

    • Window Cleaners

    • Waste Management

    • Security

    • Fence

    • Anti-Slip Control

    • Covid-19 test

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Marine Services

    • Or what you need…

    Dansk Site Service and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

    Dansk Site Service works proactively to contribute to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

    Goal no. 7

    The aim is to ensure universal access to electricity at an affordable price and to significantly increase the share of renewable energy.

    Through our daily work, Dansk Site Service and our partners have a large consumption of energy. That is why we have set a concrete goal to make our energy consumption more sustainable.

    When purchasing new equipment, such as tools, machines and vehicles, special emphasis is placed on energy consumption, and the opportunity to choose equipment with sustainable energy consumption.

    We demand training and focus of our employees and partners, on energy-saving initiatives in everyday life. They learn to optimize their energy consumption during the working day so that they contribute as little as possible to environmental pollution.

    Goal no. 12

    The goal is to effectively manage our common natural resources and the way we dispose of toxic waste and pollutants, as well as to encourage industries, businesses and consumers to recycle and reduce their waste.

    Dansk Site Service takes responsibility for our own and our partners’ consumption. That is why we have chosen to introduce some special efforts in our daily work:

    Waste sorting and recycling
    In connection with construction, rebuilding and demolition, a number of surplus materials inevitably arise. Recycling is one of our major focus points, and we therefore make a special effort to optimize the amount of materials that are recycled in other contexts. The materials that may be impossible to recycle are sorted so that they can be recycled by other actors.
    Our staff and partners are trained in both recycling and waste sorting.

    Sustainable building materials
    When we build, rebuild or renovate, we always recommend our customers to have the task done in environmentally friendly materials. We believe that when we thoroughly inform about the obvious benefits of using certified sustainable building materials, an increasing amount of our customers will choose this solution.

    Paper consumption
    In our administration, we are constantly working to reduce our paper consumption and make consumption more environmentally friendly. Throughout the company, we have introduced a number of digital systems, which means that we only need to make a few prints on paper on a daily basis.

    In our own laundry service, all machines are powered by Danish wind energy. Cloths and mops are washed after use so that they can be recycled instead of disposed of. In addition, most of our cleaning products are also free of harmful chemicals, as they are Nordic Eco-labelled, and in the future we will of course strive to ensure that this applies to all our cleaning products.

    Goal no. 13

    The goal is to limit the rise of the global average temperature to two degrees above the pre-industrial level and strengthen resilience and climate adaptation in vulnerable regions.

    We work to protect the climate by using climate-friendly and sustainable solutions in our work.

    When purchasing new equipment, such as tools, machines and vehicles, special emphasis is placed on energy consumption, and the opportunity to choose equipment with sustainable energy consumption.

    This means that we can contribute to reducing the total consumption of CO2, and thereby reduce air pollution.

    A few words from our customers…

    We use Dansk Site Service for various operational tasks at Adapteo Officehotel. This ensures us a high level of service and a high level of professionalism in the execution of our tasks – so that our property always appears neat and maintained.
    We have a permanent caretaker, permanent cleaning staff and permanent help with the maintenance of our outdoor areas, winter care, etc.

    I really appreciate that it is the same employees / companies who come and perform the tasks – every time. It feels efficient and safe. I am particularly pleased that Dansk Site Service ensures that it is competent, skilled and good people with whom they collaborate.

    I am extremely satisfied and very excited about the collaboration with both Susanne and Bent from Dansk Site Service and Erik from LF Have og Anlæg. Thank you!

    Dansk Site Service gets the best recommendations from here!

    Dorthe Hjort Sommer, Facility Manager, Adapteo Danmark
    I have just been on a tour with Susanne from Dansk Site Service A / S, and at Brightr Group Aps we have no doubt that we have made the right decision when we chose to become part of the Dansk Site Service provider network. With Susanne in charge, both customers and partners can look forward to an exceptionally good and professional treatment.
    HC Christensen, CEO, Brightr Group LED
    I collaborate with Erik from LF Have & Anlæg, which is part of the network around Dansk Site Service. I am VERY excited about the collaboration. The best recommendations from here.
    Dorthe Hjort Sommer, Facility Manager, Adapteo Danmark


    Bo – thank you! You make a huge difference!

    Bo from Dansk Site Service A / S is our permanent caretaker in Rødbyhavn – both at Adapteo’s activities in the tunnel city and at the Adapteo office hotel. Bo is always very smiling and extremely helpful – and not least skilled and hardworking. This makes a huge difference in my everyday life.

    Dorthe Hjort Sommer, Facility Manager, Adapteo Danmark


    New employee at Dansk Site Service

    It is a great please to welcome Mathias Lehmann as a new employee in Dansk Site Service.

    Mathias is a trained carpenter/woodworker, and has previously worked with mounting kitchens and doing renovation work for E&P.

    Reinforcement for the green and safe team

    The green and safe team at Dansk Site Service is further strengthened with the employment of Thomas Reinholdt Larsen.

    Thomas is 52 years old, a trained carpenter and in recent years has worked at the production school and FGU in Nakskov, where he comes from.
    Thomas spends his free time in the rowing club and hunting.

    We hope you will all welcome Thomas.

    New employee at Dansk Site Service

    It is with great pleasure that Dansk Site Service welcomes another new employee.

    Bo Johansen is a trained carpenter and most recently worked as a carpentry teacher at CELF & FGU.

    You will mostly meet Bo in the Rødby area and we hope you will all welcome Bo.

    New recruitment at Dansk Site Service

    Danish Site Service has per 1. November hired Bent Christensen as caretaker.

    Bent will primarily take care of caretaker duties at Lolland Falster, Bent is a trained carpenter and has also worked as a firefighter at Hillerød Fire Brigade previously.

    Our customers have already welcomed Bent and we at Dansk Site Service are looking forward to developing our collaborations further.